Introducing ReadyRoll

ReadyRoll Logo

Today I am very excited to tell you about a new tool I’ve been working on. It’s called ReadyRoll, and it’s a new type of Visual Studio 2010 project designed with SQL Server database refactoring and developer productivity in mind.

It’s built on the idea that the best way improve a system and evolve its design is to refine it in lots of little increments over time, rather attempting a “big bang” type of change.

The database development tool market has a number of stellar products in it, and so I’m definitely standing on the shoulders of giants here. But I do believe that that developers and database professionals lack a tool that allows them to create a sustainable process in how they develop databases. What is needed is a tool that encourages experimentation, and fosters a virtuous cycle in improving the design of existing schemas.

It’s early days, but what I really want is for ReadyRoll to do for databases what ReSharper has done for code.

There will be a preview release available shortly with a 1.0 release to follow sometime in October. Please drop me an email on dan at danere dot com if you’d like to take part, I’d love to hear your feedback and of course will provide you with a complimentary license on launch for lending me some of your valuable time.

Of course the best way to get to know it is to see it in action! Read more about ReadyRoll, download it now, or watch this short screencast (duration 3:16):

If you can’t see this video, view the MP4 version