Driven to distraction

When it comes to creativity, few things disrupt the process of generating and refining ideas more than disruption.

This is particularly an issue in my busy (open plan) office environment, where my train of thought is often derailed a number of times an hour.

I’ve found that there’s a deeper level that my mind needs to get to (and stay in) to allow the process to take its course, thereby allowing me to deliver quality work.

I’m certainly not a special case at work, everyone in the team is affected by this issue to a varying degree. I think why I get disrupted perhaps more than most is because I’ve made myself a single point of dependency within the team.

It’s great to feel valued but in the end it can be a bit of a noose around your neck.

So until I’m able to create a clone of myself, I’ll instead focus on distributing my knowledge around and delegating responsibilities to other team members. Only then can I expect the distractions to reduce and allow me to refocus on the creative process.

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